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- Brian Blessed, actor & mountaineer

"Hoyland wants the truth.  He wants the answer and leaves no stone unturned.  He goes beyond the 'romantic notions' of what people want to believe to see what was possible.  Could they survive a day on the mountain in the clothes they were wearing with the weather that day?  What happened to Mallory on his fatal fall?  What about the missing picture of Mallory’s wife Ruth?  Did he place it at the top of the world?

Hoyland’s explanations and interpretations give the story a unique perspective.  His vast experience on Mt. Everest with many different expeditions and under various weather conditions gives him an insight that others might not have.  He tears down the barriers in admitting his bias and fascination with this story [...] It’s a story of discovery – and it’s Everest’s story of mystery.  It explores the gap between the legend and the truth.

Recommend for those who love adventure/travel stories and have had their own obsession with the mountain."
- ShelleysJournal /

His vast experience on Mt. Everest... gives him an insight that others might not have..."

"You have never read a book like Last Hours on Everest. In a world full of literary misadventures, that might seem more a threat than a promise, but fortunately the mountaineer and documentary-maker Graham Hoyland has created a towering work full of twists and turns, like the backdrop."

- Simon Calder, The Independent (read the full review here)

"Hoyland, a longtime climber and BBC filmmaker, has spent much of his career sorting through details of the 1924 Mount Everest trek that took the lives of fellow Britons George Mallory and Sandy Irvine. In this adventure-filled volume, Hoyland sets out to convey "a personal story, a detective thriller, a biography and a history book."

He recalls his own growing interest in mountaineering and early affini-ty for Everest, where "the extremes of human experience played out in the most dramatic surround-ings." Hoyland meticulously re-creates Mallory and Irvine's ill-fated climb, describing the work they did ahead of time, the equipment they used, and the clothes they wore. "His upper layers started with a silk wool vest next to the skin, then a beige silk shirt, a Shetland-wool pullover, then another silk shirt, green this time, then a flannel shirt."
Readers will appreciate the background Hoyland provides on surveying techniques, British love for alpinism (a leisure activity for many beneficiaries of the Industrial Revolution), and the motivations behind many major ascents.

This is a thorough investigation into Mallory and Irvine's 1924 climb and an engaging look at the psychology that draws us to our planet's highest peak."

-Publishers Weekly

"Last Hours on Everest - This book has a little something for everyone...

History? Check.
Alpine climbing? Check.
Death and an unsolved mystery? Check.
Memoir? Check.
Scientific analysis? Check.

The mystery of George Mallory and Sandy Irvine’s death in 1924 has resulted in countless books, theories, and recreations. Though the title of this book is about their mysterious last climb and death, this book is really a comprehensive look at the history of Alpine climbing (and how WWI impacted it) up to modern day accouterments and
technology  Hoyland also weaves in his own personal history with climbing and filming for BBC showing how the shadows cast by Mt. Everest, Mallory, and Irvine still reach into the present day and add a bit of personal interest.

His systematic analysis of the data surrounding whether or not Mallory and Irvine reached the top is thorough and convincing. {You’ll need to read the book to get the answer.}

Recommend for: Those who love adventure/travel stories and have had their own obsession with the mountain."


"The book provides a fresh look at the evidence (including a bit of new information) surrounding their disappearance, providing the most comprehensive review of the details in a single location to date"...

...The physical evidence is ultimately what captures Hoyland's attention, whether Irvine's ice axe, the found oxygen cylinder, or Mallory's body, possessions, and clothing. His detail work here is what makes the book. He shows what each piece of evidence might mean and what it cannot mean, going through the information with surprising insight. He pulls together the analysis of many experts, who go over everything from the trauma on Mallory's body, to the true value of the types of clothing he wore, to the minute physical geography of Everest, to the interpretation of the meteorological data from 1924. Using all of the evidence he presents, he then reconstructs, to the best of his ability, Mallory and Irvine's final climb. Hope you like it!"

- Everest Book Report

"Hoyland combines personal memoir, Everest history, and scientific investigation as he sets Everest in the context of the history of surveying, exploration, and mountaineering, and of imperial Britons seeking higher and higher peaks to ascend. He includes literary, scientific, and historical anecdotes, many charming, others poignant. Does he conclude that Mallory and Irvine made a full ascent, or that they fell before achieving the summit?

There have been other books on Mallory (e.g., Peter and Leni Gillman's The Wildest Dream) and the 1924 expedition (e.g., Wade Davis's Into the Silence), but Hoyland's personal and professional involvement recommends this to all armchair and active adventurers."
- Margaret Heilbrun, Library Journal

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