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Did you know that before Hillary, there was Mallory?

"Last Hours on Everest" is now a #1 Amazon Mountaineering bestseller in the USA, Canada and the UK.

What readers are saying...

"Painstakingly researched, highly detailed and immensely readable, interspersed with lively personal anecdote and a wealth of experience. It's an exciting read, difficult to put down, and a MUST for anyone with an interest in the history of the world's highest mountain." - Lomond Luddite, UK

"The best mountaineering book since Into Thin Air. An excellent read." - G Wilby, UK

"A superb book for anyone fascinated by the Mallory mystery or anyone who loves the mountains. A cracking read from the front line." - Basil, UK

"Finally - a mountaineer who is also an eloquent, talented and engaging writer. A unique combination of personal experience, Everest history, science, and the answer to the big question of whether Mallory could have climbed Everest first. 'Gripping' is in the book title, and it truly is." - T Mott, USA

"[Hoyland] brings an amalgam of modern science, bitter experience and historical data that unravels into a superb read for anyone intrested in the ultimate challenge of Everest. This is one of the best accounts/analysis of that fateful day back in 1924 that I have ever read. It gripped me from the first page, and for one who is nothing more than a mere Munro Bagger, I wholeheartedly recommend this work. You cannot put it down!! " - Big G, UK

About the book

On the 29th May, the world celebrated the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of Everest in 1953. But was it REALLY the first?

In 1924, British climbers George Mallory and Sandy Irvine were last seen 'going strongly for the top' of the world's highest mountain before they disappeared. But did they die on the way up, or on the way down after reaching that prized summit?

Famous for saying "because it's there" as his reason for attempting the mountain, there's a lot more to the 1924 expedition and George Mallory than many will realise.

In his new book, 'Last Hours on Everest', Graham Hoyland pieces together all the evidence - some never seen before - and ultimately answers the question of whether Mallory did it. Graham was the 15th Briton to climb Everest and has returned to the mountain nine times in order to uncover the biggest mystery in mountaineering. There are many "experts" on Mallory and Irvine, but none with the same insight and experience.

As a 12 year old boy, Graham Hoyland met his relative Howard Somervell, member of the 1924 expedition and close friend of Mallory. Somervell loaned Mallory his camera, which is still lost on the mountain. Graham's expedition found Mallory's body in 1999, but the camera containing the essential summit photo that could re-write history is still being hunted for every year by climbers on their way to the top.

Graham Hoyland reveals the why, when and how of Mallory's and Irvine's last hours on the mountain, but also answers more modern concerns such as: Why do people climb in the first place? Why the obsession with Everest? What's the mountain like now? And how has a mountain that killed Mallory and so many others become so accessible that a 13 year old and an 80 year old have stood on top of it?

Anyone with a spark of adventure in their blood will thoroughly enjoy this as the ultimate book on Everest. It's a true detective thriller, an adventure story and a history book rolled into one.

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Click here to read an exclusive interview with author Graham Hoyland

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